What is a YAV?

I am a YAV! YAV stands for Young Adult Volunteer and is a program run through the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). YAVs commit themselves for a whole year of service. All YAVs at the different sites live in intentional living communities which gives them time to reflect together on the service they are doing. YAVs develop leadership through faith in action by serving in marginalized communities in partnerships with local people of faith and respond to issues of poverty, homelessness, violence, and injustice in local communities, and share the gospel. YAVs also have the opportunity to do vocational discernment. During the YAV year participants are required to live simply, meaning living a full life with less. Living simply causes YAVs to asses true needs with their  lifestyle and beliefs. The cross-cultural mission element means YAVs intentionally explore the diversity of God’s creation, live and work outside of their comfort zone. YAVs work to confront the systemic challenges of race, class, gender, and power, while learning to examine their own lives and actions.

I know that being a YAV is not something that will be easy but I know it will be a wonderful experience.

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