Up, Up, and Away

I have been struggling to find the words to describe my experiences at Ballon Fiesta because it was so overstimulating, unique and awe-inspiring. I had the opportunity to go twice during the week long event. Julie my roommate and I went on the first Saturday (10/6) at 4:30am which meant we got to see the sun rise and the first balloons go up with a coffee and a breakfast burrito in hand. That morning we took an Uber and it took us over an hour to arrive at our destination because of the traffic. Luckily, we had the nicest driver that would roll down his window and ask event officials if he was on the quickest route. He also played the radio station with the official morning Balloon Fiesta weather report so we knew for sure the balloons would go up by the time we arrived on the field.

Our whole YAV group went the following Friday night (10/12) with Luke (our site coordinator) and Dennis. We left early in the afternoon, Dennis drove us and there was no traffic so we got there in less than half an hour. We spent the afternoon looking at the different vendors that were set up in a state fair fashion. That evening was the Special Shapes Glowdeo and the night ended with a cool fireworks display. When we left we did have to sit in some traffic but it didn’t seem too long because of our amusing spontaneous sing alongs in Dennis’s car.

I enjoyed going early in the morning and seeing the many balloons get filled up and then go up into the sky and out of sight. It was amazing to see something of that size take flight feet away from me. One after the other, up, up and away they went. Going in the evening was also enjoyable because the special shaped balloons were on display. As I looked around on that early morning and at night in the glow from the balloons I saw so many people looking up at the balloons with a childlike wonder. Balloon Fiesta is a magical event and it is impossible not to get caught up in the amazement of being surrounded by so many brightly colored and different shaped balloons.


1 thought on “Up, Up, and Away

  1. Looks like an awesome experience.


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