Building Relationships

There is an art to building new relationships. Putting time and effort into new and old friendships, relationships, and communities is time-consuming. I don’t particularly want to spend my time with people who are not fully invested in me, or people who spread negative energy and therefore I am protective of my time. I recently looked and my social media profiles and unfollowed and unfriended every account and person that didn’t make me feel empowered, inspired, or informed. I have found my own empowerment and a sense of respect for myself in assessing what is bringing me joy and fulfillment in life and leaving things and people behind who are not. Where I am in my life right now, I want to feel like I am being heard and valued. I am continuously growing and learning all the while maintaining enthusiasm and positivity and it is important to me that my relationships reflect that. I know I cannot make people like, understand, or validate me and that is perfectly fine because I feel confident in my values and actions and I am happy.

My joyfulness comes from self-investment. In order to invest in new relationships, it is important for me to spend time maintaining a good relationship with myself. Self-compassion provides the resilience to have kindness and positivity on full blast. I also spend intentional time reflecting and reminding myself of who I am & where I want to be. If I can get some fresh air and escape into the beauty around Albuquerque I take full advantage of that and feel recharged and refreshed afterword. Life can get complicated and messy when dealing with other people and reflecting on myself but I feel that I can continue to show up and be thankful for the people and places around me.

There is a considerable amount of vulnerably that comes with being authentic in forming new relationships, especially knowing that investing time and talking to the same people for months could eventually be painful because the time to no longer see and talk to a person every day might come and it could be the loneliest feeling in the world. I’m not afraid of that and I am not concerned about other peoples perceptions of me because I know who I am and what makes me happy. I value kindness, integrity, respect, compassion, and responsibly and I find the most joy when my actions align with my values and am surrounding myself with people who push me to grow. Right now I am fortunate to have many life-giving relationships. Building new relationships with people in Albuquerque is important to me and is worth my investment in case I decide to stay after my YAV year.

I am grateful for the new and important relationships in my life at work and in my intentional community. I appreciate the efforts being put into maintaining old relationships. I often think I am ready to take on the world because of all the support I have and I recognize that is a privilege. I am blessed to have so many incredible people in Minnesota and New Mexico supporting me and pushing me.

2 thoughts on “Building Relationships

  1. Sounds like you are doing great. I miss your companionship at the lake!!
    Glad to hear your folks will visit you over Easter. We will be at the lake for a long weekend, with granny.
    Take good care of yourself. Love you, Sue


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