What do you like about Albuquerque?

My time as an ABQ YAV is coming is wrapping up at the end of July, which has led to a number of conversations surrounding my future plans. Throughout my time here I have fallen in love with many different local spaces and people. When I mention potentially staying in ABQ I always get asked things like “What do you like about Albuquerque?” or “Why would you want to stay here?”  So, here are four things I like about Albuquerque. 

Green Chile

If you have never had New Mexican food you are missing out. New Mexican food from enchiladas to sopapillas is rich and delicious. New Mexico is known for putting green and red chile on almost everything. After living in New Mexico for a while now, I am confidently prepared for when a waiter asked if I want red, green, or Christmas (both). I’ve been enjoying the added heat from the green chile on everything from cheeseburgers to ice cream.

The Mountains

I love being 15 minutes from several foothills hiking trails and always having a nice view of the Sandia mountain range. At night when the sunset is reflected on the mountains and they turn pink is my favorite time to be facing the mountains. Having such breathtaking natural spaces to experience has reminded me of natures wonderful ability to help me release stress, clear my head, and remember that the best views come from the hardest climbs. 

Hot Air Balloons

Not to get carried away but attending Balloon Fiesta is my favorite event from my time in Albuquerque. Fortunately, that time in the fall is not the only opportunity to see balloons. Seeing hot air balloons in the mornings brings me quite a bit of joy and there is a childlike wonder that rushes over me each and every time I see a balloon going up, up, and away.

My People

I have been fortuitous enough to be able to surround myself with so many lovely individuals, who are motivated, open minded, passionate, and kind. People who have invested in me and have pushed me to continuously challenge myself to grow. People who remind me to not take myself too seriously, people who make me laugh, people who have accepted me for who, and people who empower me. I am grateful for my people who have helped me like Albuquerque so much.

There are many more things I like about Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole but I have yet to make a decision about staying here for more than a year. Right now I am happily finding a balance of being mindful and enjoying the time I have left as an ABQ YAV while looking ahead at the ever-looming question of what’s next…

2 thoughts on “What do you like about Albuquerque?

  1. It’s a beautiful place! Whatever you decide, we’ve got your back Kimmy! ❤️Mom and Dad


  2. Grammy and Papa May 27, 2019 — 1:51 pm

    The Lord’s in charge of placement………


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